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Mari Nardolillo-Dias, The Grief Whisperer


As a Thanatologist, certified grief counselor and hospice volunteer, I find bereavement and end of life counseling to be my destiny. It is humbling and gratifying; I am privileged to work with grieving a loss (death and non-death), both expected or traumatic, as well as spending the remaining months of an individual’s life with them.

I have worked with people of all ages as they grieve. I use methods based on the cognitive and emotional development of the individual. This includes play, theater, art and storytelling therapies for children, which is modified for teens. When working with adults I use individual and group facilitation with an integrative therapeutic approach.

My practice operates on a “concierge” or ” direct service” model. Although I do not accept medical insurance, you pay a monthly fee that allows you unlimited visits as well as house calls. House calls for both bereaved and end of life clients may include any safe, special place, in addition to hospitals and nursing homes.

$350 per month for unlimited sessions and house calls. (Groups are extra).  Single session: $100

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Grief Speak: Volume 1

Read my first book, Grief Speak: Volume 1 – Stories of Loss.

“In her GriefSpeak series, Dr. Mari Nardolillo-Dias insightfully addresses issues so many of us experience–from the collective trauma of a divided political climate to the uncertainty surrounding our children’s unique perspectives, and so much more. Written accessibly and with an ethics of care, this series has something for everyone and is well worth a read.” -Patricia Leavy, Ph.D., author of Shooting Stars. 

Grief Speak: Volume 2

Read my latest book, Grief Speak: Volume 2 – Stories of Loss.

“Such a needed series of writing for the times in which we live. I appreciate the transparency and introspective approach to Dr. Dias’ writing. Please, keep shining your light through your writing.”-Michael Caparrelli, PhD(abd), author of Pen Your Pain into Parables and The Ox and The Ass